direct mail

Great Advantages Of Direct Mail For Business

The use of direct mail is the ultimate form of salesmanship. You can customize your sales message to reach the people who are most likely to do business with you. That gives you a greater degree of control than just about any other kind of marketing.

This isn’t advertising in a traditional sense. A good sales letter talks to the prospect in a personal way that gives you total selling power. It lets you do a complete job of selling, replacing all the steps that a truly great salesperson would go through in order to make the sale. You can consider a direct sales letter a little master salesman in an envelope.

A great salesperson will go out there and somehow attract the very best prospects with whatever he’s offering. Usually, he does it through cold calling or knocking on doors. A good direct mail package does the same.

You can and should maintain an Internet presence:

  • Traditional salesmanship with a salesperson going out, cultivating leads, and converting them into customers is effective, but very expensive. You can imagine how much it would cost to reach 1,000 people using that method, and how long it would take. A direct mail marketing can go out to thousands for a tiny fraction of the cost; you can have millions of them working for you if you have the right offer and you’re working in the right marketplace.

  • It’s especially effective if you’re using the Two-Step Marketing to turn those prospects into customers after they raise their hands on their own, and it works even better when you automate the process. You can let your little salesmen-in-an-envelope do all the selling for you, while you sit back and watch the orders roll in.

  • Some people are even using direct mail to send people to websites — a viable option if you still want to use Internet marketing. You can point people toward a video, or offer a free gift to get them to come online and consider your offer. So even if you’re dedicated to Internet marketing, don’t overlook direct mail as an adjunct to what you’re already doing.

  • Within certain broad guidelines, it doesn’t matter how much money something costs you; all that matters is how much money it earns you. While direct mail is more expensive than most forms of marketing, it also does a more complete job of selling if you do it right and therefore you’ll sell more of your products or services, and consequently make more money.