Every day more and more digital marketing techniques are coming up which help businesses get more and more customers. We all know that increased traffic means an increased number of sales for the business but it is also important that businesses focus on turning the traffic into paying customers using the wholesale CRO techniques.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is a technique that is used to convert a percentage of your web traffic into paying customers. So this technique helps you increase your overall number of purchases which are also known as conversation.

In this technique, the professionals test two version of website A and B against each other to figure out which of the two works betters. So the website version that gets you more leads or phone calls or comments would win the test.

You can either get CRO service directly from the service providers or you can connect with them with the intermediate CRO resellers.  In both ways that key is to find yourself a service that works better for you and gets you’re a high conversion rate.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO has multiple benefits. Most people are only aware of the basic benefit that is money which is achieved through a greater number of leads and purchases. But CRO has so many benefits beyond that so look at some of the benefits of CRO that you should consider before getting the CRO service for your website from a CRO Reseller.

  • Make decisions based on data

Before using CRO for your website you probably made decisions based on assumptions such as, this look better than this or this suits the theme better. But after using CRO your assumptions would be changed into facts because now you can make decisions based on factual data stating which option would work best for your website. Use the A/B testing technique to choose the best option.

  • Get better results

It is evident that if you make decisions based on the CRO test then you are most probably going to get better results that increase your traffic and user engagement level on your website meaning that it would increase your sale. For example, changing the colour of a button your webpage from yellow to red has gotten you more hits.

  • Outrank your competition in the industry

You can use CRO testing technique to outrank your competition. By using the test results you can improve the elements on your website that would increase the engagement level of the users and decrease your bounce rate which is a powerful search result ranking factor.