SEO services in Sydney

Keywords play a very important role in your website’s SEO and in ensuring that the right people come across your website. Many business owners that handle their own SEO incorrectly assume that the more keywords they use the better. This often results in what is known as ‘keyword stuffing’, and can negatively affect your search results, and even get your site blacklisted.

Here at Esteem Media, we are proud to be local experts when it comes to SEO services in Sydney. Let’s look at keywords and how to obtain the right balance when using keywords to elevate your rankings and connect with potential customers.

What is Keyword Stuffing Exactly?

Keyword stuffing is where too many keywords are used in too small of a body of text. The result often feels unnatural and can even come across as spammy and as though the text was written by a bot.

Why did Keyword Stuffing Become so Popular?

Back when Google’s algorithm wasn’t quite as advanced as it is today, keyword stuffing actually worked in tricking Google to place your web page at the top of web results relating to the keyword. But in recent years, things have changed and Google has caught on to the overuse of keywords.

SEO services in Sydney

How to Avoid Keyword Stuffing?

Keywords should be inserted into the text in a natural way. The main focus should be on creating high-quality content that reads well and is free from errors or plagiarism. The Google Algorithm has become incredibly advanced and if it is evident that keywords feel unnatural or overused, you will be penalised. Be creative with your keywords and avoid repeating the same keywords again and again.

What About Using Too Few Keywords

If you don’t make sure that keywords appear enough throughout your text, you run the risk of having a low keyword density, and this may result in your website not appearing in relevant search results.

What is the Best Way

If you want to get the balance just right it would be worth it to do a course in SEO copywriting or make use of a professional SEO agency.

You’ll be amazed by the incredible difference that investing in SEO services in Sydney can make for your business. When you have a team of dedicated professionals working on a custom keyword strategy for you, you’ll get the results that you have been dreaming of. Here at Esteem Media, we’d love to show you what SEO can do for your business so contact us today to find out more!

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