Do you remember how many years you are using the same old fashioned phone system in your office? It is possible that you don’t remember the exact year in which you have bought this system and then you never paid attention to its upgrade as well. If your phone systems Gold Coast is creating problems for you, then it is the right time to replace it. Many owners hire the services of phone repairing experts but it is not possible to fix the old phone due to their excessive usage for so many years. It does not matter how much amount you invest in them, they still create issues that can very frustrating for you. So, instead of repairing, it is good enough to buy a new and advanced phone system that will give you many benefits. You cannot rely on the poor communication system, long holds, and dropped calls because it will impact on the reputation of your company.

In this post, we are going to discuss why you should change your phone instead of the phone system repair Gold Coast.

Features of the new phone system

Today, phone systems with the latest technology are available at a very affordable price and you can easily purchase them. They offer more features and boost your availability to your clients and partners.

Voicemails to emails

You can send voicemails to your staff members in their email inboxes instead of dialing the old fashioned phone, codes, and listen to a long list of emails. You can send the voicemails easily to anyone you want by forwarding an email.

Outlook incorporation

You can make one-click outlook calls to any of your contact at any time effortlessly.

Record the call

You can record the call during the conversation to listen to it later to note down important points.

Call routing

You can route calls according to particular protocols such as receptionist, manager, and accountant or send direct emails. The one-time setup allows you to generate 7 different routing calls at once.

Computer phone

You can give a separate call dashboard to your staff members and combine it with your laptop or PC to enjoy high voice quality.

Cell phone incorporation

If you will use modern phone systems Gold Coast, you will be able to answer the calls with the help of your cell phone. During a call, you can switch it to your phone and leave the office at any time you want.