When it comes to brand promotion, then the first thing which business owners are conscious about is performing social media marketing. Business owners are aware of the fact that launching a social media campaign for their digital marketing reseller websites brand promotion can eventually help them to target a greater audience in just the least period. Currently, two major social media platforms have attained themselves to be the center of attraction in the business market, such as Facebook and Instagram. Both of them are performed as the cost-effective and one of the powerful resources for any brand promotion on both small scale and large scale set-up. 

Comparison Between Facebook VS Instagram Statistics

1. Statistics For Facebook

  • There are around 2.3 billion active users on Facebook. 
  • 96% of Facebook users access their accounts through a mobile device daily. 
  • There are around 65 million small business pages on Facebook.
  • 89% of business owners make use of the Facebook platform for their brand promotion. 

2. Instagram statistics

  • There are around 1 billion active users on Instagram 
  • Five hundred million Instagram users access their accounts through a mobile device daily. 
  • There are around 60% of small business pages on Instagram. 
  • 65% of business owners make the use of the Facebook platform for their brand promotion. 

Comparison Between Facebook VS Instagram Platforms 

Instagram Is Helpful For Excellent Engagement

Instagram is always beneficial for users when it comes to engagement as compared to Facebook. If you promote the same brand on both platforms, you will encounter a massive growth in the audience on Instagram as compared to Facebook.

Facebook Is Best For High Visibility

When it comes to the audience visibility and audience reach, then Facebook has always stayed one step ahead from Instagram. It brings a massive base of the audience from all categories of age groups. So if you want to boost the visibility of your brand, then choosing this platform is the best option for you. You can reach different age groups of people through the Facebook platform.

Bottom Line

The audience of today is more conscious about making their way towards the internet world to search for new companies, the latest products of digital marketing reseller Australia and so on. They love to interact and involve themselves more and more on the social media platform. To create strong ephemeral content, the social media marketing holders should be bringing some robust video strategies that not just allow the users to engage with the brand but even help them to target the audience on a paramount level.